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Contoh Report Text Dolphin

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Contoh Report Text Dolphin Singkat

Contoh Report Text Dolphin Singkat

The Dolphin

The term common dolphin tends to refer to the short-beaked common dolphin and the long-beaked common dolphin that are found in warmer seas worldwide.

The common dolphin is generally found around the Mediterranean Sea but are also commonly seen in deep off-shore waters and to a lesser extent over continental shelves that are preferred to shallower waters. Some populations of dolphin may be present all year round, others appear to move in a migratory pattern.

Common dolphins travel in groups of around 10-50 in number and frequently gather into schools numbering 100 to 2000 individuals. These schools are generally very active socially with groups often surfacing, jumping and splashing together. Typical dolphin behaviour includes breaching, tail-slapping, chin-slapping, bow-riding and porpoising.

Common dolphins are among the fastest swimming marine mammals, with some possibly reaching speeds of over 40 km/h. Dolphins have been known to use both their speed and large group sizes to develop different ways of hunting prey.

Report Text About Dolphin

Report Text About Dolphin

Fun Fact About Dolphin

Dolphins are mammals, meaning they are warm-blooded like humans.   They are called cetaceans and are members of the Delphinidae family.   All dolphins are toothed whales.   While most people use the terms dolphin and porpoises interchangeably, they actually refer to two different types of animals. Dolphins possess a distinct beak and sharp conical shaped teeth.   They also tend to be larger than porpoises.   Porpoises belong to the Phocoenidae family. They tend to be smaller and more robust, the majority reaching about five to seven feet in length.   They do not have distinct peaks, with their foreheads sloping almost uniformly to the tip of their snout and have spade shaped teeth.

Dolphins are very social animals and live together in groups known as pods.   Pods have been observed interacting with other pods from time to time.   A mother dolphin will stay with her calf for two to three years. Dolphins form strong bonds that may last a lifetime.   They have been observed physically supporting sick or dying members of their pod.

Dolphins use a system of sound production and echolocation.   They “rely on sound production and reception to navigate, communicate, and hunt in dark” waters. [12]   Dolphins use whistles in order to communicate with other members of their pod.   Each dolphin tends to have a signature whistle to identify themselves to the other members. Here are some fun fact about dolphin.

Dolphins are mammals; this means that they nurse their babies with milk from the mothers.

  1. Dolphins can swim up to 260 m. below the surface of the ocean.
  1. Dolphins can stay up to 15 minutes under water, but they cannot breath under the water.
  1. Dolphins use a technique called echolocation to find food and navigate.
  1. Dolphin teacherDolphins live in groups formed by 10 to 12 individuals.
  1. There are 32 different kinds of ocean dolphins and 4 species of river dolphins.
  1. The largest dolphin is the “killer whale” (also known as Orca).
  1. The most known dolphin is the “ bottlenose dolphin”.
  1. Dolphins are warm-blooded.
  1. Dolphins communicate through sounds and whistles.
  1. Dolphins eat fish and squid.

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