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Contoh Report Text About Lion

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Text Report Lion Singkat

Text Report Lion Singkat-White Lion Atau Singa Putih

The White Lion

The Latin name of Panthera leo krugeri is not limited to white lions. It applies to all South African lion subspecies; the prides of which are mostly located in Kruger National Park and nearby game reserves.


White lions are not albino as they have pigmentation which shows particularly in eye, paw pad and lip colour. The correct term for their condition is leucism, a state where there is near-normal eye colour, but loss of pigment in the skin and fur.


The cause of the unusual colouration is the same as for the white tiger. A recessive gene which results in the white appearance is found in a very small number of captive lions.


White specimens usually have a yellowish-brown or golden eye colour which is very similar to their tawny cousins, though some have bluish colouring like the white tiger.


Unlike normal lion cubs which spotted at birth, the pelage of white cubs is almost pure white. Over the months the coat gradually darkens to become  a cream or ivory colour. At last count, 32 white lions were recorded worldwide.


The image on this page shows one of Cincinnati’s male white lions. As can be seen from the picture, a large area of mane is missing entirely on the right side; this is evident in both of the Cincinnati cats. The cause is unknown.



Report Text Lion Fakta Lucu tentang Singa

Report Text Lion Fakta Lucu tentang Singa

Fun Facts About Lions


Lions are big cats known as the “King of the Jungle”. It is because they are they sit at the top of the food chain. They are found in Africa and India.

Lions are the second biggest cat behind the tiger. They can get up to 8 feet long and over 500 pounds. The male lions develop a large mane of hare around their neck, which distinguishes them from the females. The males are generally larger than the females as well.

Lions are carnivores so they eat meat. They can take down just about any decent sized animal. Their favorite prey includes water buffalo, antelope, wildebeest, impala, and zebras. Lions sometimes also kill large beasts like elephants, giraffes, and rhinos.

There are some fun fact about lion.

Lions are famous for their loud roar which can be heard up to 5 miles away. They can make such a loud roar because the cartilage in their throats has turned into bone. They tend to roar more at night.

The lion is taller than the tiger, but doesn’t weigh as much.

The lion’s main competitor for prey in Africa is the spotted hyena.

Even though the female lions do the hunting, the male lion often gets to eat first.

They are excellent swimmers.

Lions will live about 15 years in the wild.


Report Text Animal Lion Lengkap

Contoh Report Text About Lion

The Lions

The Lion is one of the largest, strongest and powerful felines in the world second only in size to the Siberian Tiger. Although Lions are able to make a number of different sounds it is their roar that is most distinctive and not only serves to warn off strange males, but also allows members of the pride to find one another as it’s sound can travel up to six miles!

Lion Anatomy and Appearance

Lions have a short coat of tawny or golden fur with a long tail that has a tuft of longer fur at the end. The markings on their coats are much fainter than the bold stripes and spots displayed on other felines which helps these large carnivores in going unseen when stalking prey in the long grasses. The males are taller and heavier than females and displaying a mane of long hair around their faces (in fact, it is the only case in the feline world where males and females actually look different). Thought to be connected with testosterone levels, the mane of the male Lion ranges from blonde, to red, brown and black in colour and covers their head, neck and chest. Lions have strong and powerful jaws that contain 30 teeth in total which includes four fang-like canines and four carnassial teeth that are perfectly designed for slicing through flesh.


Lion Distribution and Habitat

Historically, Lions would have been found throughout much of Africa and even in parts of Europe and Asia as well. Today the remaining African Lion population now only found in countries in sub-Saharan Africa. There is also still a small population of Asiatic Lions found inhabiting a remote part of the Gir Forest in India where there are an estimated 300 individuals remaining. Lions are adaptable animals that can and will inhabit very dry climates as they get most of the moisture they need from their food. They prefer areas of open woodland, scrub and long grasslands where there is not only plenty over cover but also a wide variety of prey. They are only not found in areas of rainforest or far into deserts.


Lion Behaviour and Lifestyle

Lions live together in strong social groups called a pride which is made up of 5-15 related females and their cubs along with a generally single male (small groups of 2 or 3 though are not uncommon). Male Lions patrol a territory of around 100m² marking trees and rocks with urine and roaring to warn off intruders.  The Lionesses in the pride hunt together meaning that they are not only more successful on their trips, but they are also able to catch and kill animals that are both faster than them and much bigger. Young Lion cubs spend a great deal of time playing together which actually helps them to develop their hunting techniques.



Lion Diet and Prey

The Lion is a carnivorous. Unlike other felines, Lions are not solitary hunters but instead the Lionesses work together in order to chase down and catch their prey with each female having a different strategic role. This strategy allows them to kill animals that are both faster and much larger than they are including Buffalo, Wildebeest and even Giraffe.


Lion Conservation Status and Life Today

Today, the Lion is listed by the IUCN as an animal that is Vulnerable from extinction in it’s natural environment in the near futureThe main reason for the rapid demise of Africa’s remaining Lion population is thought to be due to habitat loss as they are not only loosing big chunks of their native ranges, but are also often then forced onto farmland or into settlements to find food meaning they are often killed.

3 Contoh Report Text About Lion

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