5 Contoh Descriptive Text Animal Yang Simpel Dan Mudah

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Contoh descriptive text animal pada artikel dari bahasainggrismudah.com kali ini bisa sobat gunakan untuk melatih kalimat bahasa inggris. Kalimat pada deskriptive text seringkali sederhana karenanya cocok untuk berlatih bahasa inggris.

Memahami Kalimat Dalam Contoh Descriptive Text Animal

Contoh descriptive text animal sering digunakan pada pembelajaran bahasa inggris. Deskriptive text animal cocok untuk melatih tenses terutama present tenses. Membaca contoh descriptive text animal akan membantu sobat dalam memahami penggunaaan sebenarnya tenses kalimat bahasa inggris jenis simple present dalam sebuah teks.

Selain itu tema animal atau binatang juga merupakan satu tema yang mudah dan menarik untuk dibahas. Karena itulah descriptive text animal juga teks yang tidak membosankan untuk belajar bahasa inggris. Sobat bisa juga membaca teks meyenangkan lain untuk belajar bahasa inggris seperti Spoof Teks , 6 Cerita Lucu Bahasa Inggris Dan Artinya.

5 Contoh Descriptive Text Animal Yang Simpel Dan Mudah

Berikut BIM sudah menyiapkan beberapa contoh descriptive text animal untuk sobat BIM.

Contoh Descriptive Text Animal Tentang Gajah

Contoh Descriptive Text Animal Tentang Gajah

I like Elephants

I like elephants. Elephants are the biggest land animals in the world. The African elephant is found on the continent of Africa and the Indian elephant is found in Asia. Elephants are mammals as well as herbivores, meaning they only eat plants rather than meat.

I know that there are two main types of elephants; the African elephant and the Indian elephant. The African elephant is bigger than the Indian elephant. It has larger ears too. Both the males and females have tusks. The African elephant has wrinkly gray skin, a swayed back, and two tips at the end of its trunk that it can use like fingers to pick stuff up. The tusk make elephant look really cool.

The Indian, or Asian, elephant is smaller than the African elephant and has smaller ears. They have more of a humped back and only one fingerlike tip at the end of their trunk. Also, their skin tends to be less wrinkly than the African elephant. Next time go to the zoo. I want to ride an elephant.

Contoh Descriptive Text Animal Tentang Jerapah

Contoh Descriptive Text Animal Tentang Jerapah

The Giraffes

Giraffes are truly giant animals. They amaze me. I like giraffes because their long neck. They can grow up to 17 feet tall and weigh as much as 3,000 pounds. The male giraffes, called bulls, are typically larger than the females, called cows. The babies aren’t exactly small either. A baby giraffe, called a calf, is 6 feet tall at birth! Giraffes also have large hearts. Their hearts can be up to 2 feet long and weigh over 20 pounds. They need these large hearts to pump blood all the way up their long necks.

It is always fun to watch giraffes eat from the tree. Their favorite types of leaves are from the acacia tree. Giraffes are herbivores, meaning they eat plants rather than meat. They use their long necks and tongues (which they can stick out up to a foot and a half!) to get to leaves on trees. A typical full-grown adult giraffe will eat over 70 pounds of leaves, twigs, and fruit each day. Giraffes don’t need to drink water very often because there is so much water in the leaves they eat. However, when they do drink water, they can drink several gallons at a time. I think this is not good because a giraffe has to bend down and get into a vulnerable position when drinking. Not a good idea when there are lions sneaking around!

Contoh Descriptive Text Animal Tentang Kangguru

Contoh Descriptive Text Animal Tentang Kangguru

I like Kangaroos

Kangaroos is my favourite animal. The Red Kangaroo is the largest of all the Kangaroos. They live throughout much of the country of Australia and are the largest mammal that lives in Australia. Its scientific name is Macropus rufus. Kangaroos are herbivores. They get their name from the color of the male’s fur which is a reddish brown.They mostly graze on grasses.

A male Red Kangaroo can jump up to 30 feet in one jump! They can also use their jumping ability to travel quickly at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. Somedoy I want to go to Australia to meet a kangaroo.

Contoh Descriptive Text Animal Tentang Lumba-Lumba

Contoh Descriptive Text Animal Tentang Lumba-Lumba


I really interested in the dolphins. They are one of the most playful and intelligent animals on our planet. Even though dolphins spend their lives in the water, they are not fish, but are mammals. Dolphins can’t breathe water like fish, but need to come to the surface to breath air.

Dolphins eat other smaller fish, but they eat squid, too, and some dolphins, like Killer Whales, will often eat small sea mammals like seals and penguins. Dolphins often hunt together, herding fish into packed groups or into inlets where they can be easily caught. Some dolphins will share their food with the young or let the young catch injured prey as practice. They don’t chew their food, they swallow it whole. Dolphins get the water they need from the animals they eat, rather than drinking ocean water.

Dolphins have excellent eyesight and hearing. Underwater they use echolocation. Echolocation is kind of like sonar where dolphins make a sound and then listen to the echo. Dolphin is also tame animal that people can play with.

Contoh Descriptive Text Animal Tentang Unta

 Contoh Descriptive Text Animal Tentang Unta


The camel is the weirdest camel I ever see. it most famous for the large humps on its back. They live in the deserts.

Camels can eat most any type of vegetation including dry, thorny, or bitter plants that other animals may not want to eat. Their digestive system is tough and they have been known to eat dead carcasses, clothing, and even shoes when extremely hungry.

Camels store fat in their humps. This fat can be converted to water and energy when they haven’t had food or water to drink for some time. Once they have used up all the fat in their humps, the humps become thin and floppy.

However what I like most about camels is their face. it looks so funny.

Bagus bukan sobat 5 contoh teks deskriptif di atas. Supaya belajar bahasa inggris tidak membosankan, lihat juga 12 Contoh Gambar Iklan Sepatu Unik Dan Lucu Dalam Bahasa Inggris. Demikian contoh descriptive text animal kali ini, semoga bermanfaat.