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Contoh text report tentang buah-buahan dari bahassainggrismudah.com kali ini tentunya menarik untuk dibaca. Dalam contoh text report di bawah, terdapat bermacam info tentang buah. Disamping itu, membaca contoh text report dari BIM tentu akan bagus untuk kemampuan bahasa sobat. Dengan belajar contoh text report sobat akan lebih siap untuk ujian nanti.

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Contoh Text Report Tentang Buah Terbaik

Contoh Text Report Tentang Buah Apel

  1. Contoh Text Report Tentang Buah Apel

    Fuji Apple

The fruit is one of the oldest varieties in existence; a research study states that humans have enjoyed apples ever since at least 6500 B.C. The fruit were among the favorite lists of Ancient Greeks and Romans.

Based on the variety of the apple and where they are grown, these apples are harvested between January and October in Australia. Coming to the availability factor, based on its variety and cultivation, they are available all year round. One of the popular apple is Fuji apple.

The Fuji apple was created in Japan in 1930 by crossing a Ralls Janet and a Red Delicious. For being relatively young to American markets, Fuji apples have become one of the most popular apple varieties. In fact, American orchardists produce more Fujis than Japanese orchards in order to fill the demand.

Fuji apples are crisp, crunchy and fairly sweet. They are relatively low in acidity, and give off a scent that is warm and autumnal. Their flesh is bi-colored with red and yellow vertical stripes along the sides. Apples are harvested at their peak, and then put into cold storage to maintain that perfect level of ripeness. When you receive delicious Fuji apples from The Fruit Company, they’ll be ready to eat, no waiting required.

There are some advantages of eating apple.

  • Good source of soluble and insoluble fiber
  • Vitamin C enriched
  • Contains heart-healthy potassium
  • B-complex vitamins (riboflavin, thiamin, and vitamin B-6)
  • Contains Polyphenols which includes flavonols (especially Quercetin, but also kaempferol and myricetin), catechins (especially epicatechin), anthocyanins (if the apples are red-skinned), chlorogenic acid, phloridizin, and several dozen more health-supportive polyphenols nutrients.
  • Delicious and crunchy apple fruit is notable for its impressive list of phyto-nutrients, and anti-oxidants. Studies suggest that its components are essential for optimal growth, development, and overall wellness.
  • The nutrients present in apple are unduly present in the skin, which is the most valuable part of the fruit with respect to its nutrient substance.
  1. Contoh Text Report Tentang Buah Alpukat

West Indian Avocado

Avocado is colloquially known as the Alligator Pear because it reflects its shape and the leather-like appearance of its skin. They are commercially priceless and are cultivated in tropical and Mediterranean climates throughout the world. With that said, it varies in weight, ranging from 8 ounces to 3 pounds depending upon the variety of avocado.

West Indian type avocados yield enormous, soft round, glossy green fruits that are low in oil secretion and weighs up to 2 pounds. Guatemalan types produce medium ovoid or pear-shaped, pebbled green fruits that turn blackish-green when ripe.

Seeds may germinate inside an avocado when it is over-matured, causing internal molds and breakdown. The oil content of avocados ranks second when compared to olives among fruits.

Avocados are good source of fiber that is great for maintaining a healthy appetite. To name a few nutrients, an avocado when cut into two pieces, a half cut avocado will contain the following nutrients:

5g of fiber (17% of adult fiber needs)

36% of the recommended dietary intake (RDI) for folate

31% of RDI for vitamin K

24% of RDI for vitamin E

15% of RDI for potassium

They are a rich source of vitamin C, which is an amazing antioxidant contributing to cell protection from free radical damage. Half an avocado contains 13mg of vitamin C which is 32% of an adult’s RDI.

  1. Contoh Text Report Tentang Buah Semangka


Watermelon is an people’s preferred for meals and snacks. People can’t get sufficient of the sweet treat, and nutritionists have long appreciated the health benefits watermelon provides. In recent research new light is found on its potential health benefits. Watermelon contains more lycopene, an antioxidant that may help to reduce the risks of cancer and other diseases.

Watermelon, the fruit which is really a Vegetable. Watermelon can be traced back to Africa and it is part of the cucumber and squash family. Early watermelons were mostly rind and seeds. Today’s varieties are larger, the flesh is sweeter, the seeds are smaller and the rind is thinner. It is the most refreshing, thirst satisfying fruit of all. It consists of 92% water and 8% sugar, so it is appropriately named. Americans consume over 17 lbs of watermelon each year. The largest watermelon on world record (Guinness Book of World Records) weights 262 pounds.

Watermelons are mostly available throughout year. It is a perfect fruit to a salad, salsa, or cool drink.

There are over 50 varieties of watermelon. Most of it have reddish flesh, but there are orange and yellow-fleshed varieties also. Among the 50 varieties of watermelon, some are: Allsweet, Ice-Box, Seedless and Yellow Flesh.

Unlike other melon-types watermelon can’t be chosen from its smell. The only way to pick a ripe watermelon at your store is to do the flat hand test: Tap the melon with flat hand. If the sound is deep and thick you probably have found a ripe and sweet fruit.

  1. Contoh Text Report Tentang Buah Stroberi

Strawberries are short-lived herbaceous perennials, producing for 2 to 3 years. Plant in an open, sunny position in raised beds; a good airflow will reduce fungal diseases. Strawberries prefer a well-drained soil, rich in humus. Dig in lots of organic matter, compost, animal manure or blood and bone, about a month before planting.

Commercially strawberries are replanted every year to maintain a high fruit production. This also saves the commercial grower from the time consuming problem of dealing with runners. For the home gardener it is best to treat strawberries as a short-lived perennial of 2-3 years. Runners provide an opportunity to grow more strawberry plants but also adversely affect strawberry fruit production. Pinching off runners early in the season will improve fruit production. The runners, if left, also tend to overcrowd the bed so that in the 2nd year the original strawberry bed is too crowded to be very productive at all. Due to this fruit, the strawberry suppliers are benefited much.

In addition to being consumed fresh, strawberries can be frozen, made into preserves as well as dried and used in such things as cereal bars. Strawberries are a popular addition to dairy products, as in strawberry flavored ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies and yogurts. Strawberry pie is also popular.

Cosmetically, they are supposedly used for whitening teeth. They can be crushed and made into an exfoliant for skin.

  1. Contoh Text Report Tentang Buah Anggur


Grapefruit is rich in phytonutrients like lycopene, vitamin A, and beta-carotene. The fruit is well known as “fruit from the paradise” for its unique health-promoting as well as disease preventing properties especially among the health-conscious, fitness enthusiasts.

It was first discovered in the forests of Caribbean island, Barbados. Today, it is one of the widely cultivated fruits in the United States, particularly in Florida, California, and the other semi-tropical Southern states.

Grapefruit is oblate in shape, ranges in diameter from 3 to 5 inches and can weigh up to 150 g. Characteristically, it has thick, tough skin than that in the oranges. Inside, the fruit is segmented into arils as in other citrus fruits. Its arils are very juicy, acidic, and varying in color depending on the cultivars, which could be white, pink and red of varying sweetness. While some varieties are seedless, there may be upto 50 white, elliptical, pointed seeds about 1/2 inches in length in some.

Delicious, grapefruit is very low in calories, consists of just 42 calories per 100 g. Nonetheless; it is rich in dietary insoluble fiber pectin, which works as bulk laxative. Dietary fiber helps to protect the colon mucous membrane by decreasing exposure time to toxic substances in the colon as well as binding to cancer-causing chemicals in the colon. Pectin has also been shown to reduce blood cholesterol levels by decreasing re-absorption of cholesterol in the colon.

The fruit contains very good levels of vitamin-A (provides about 1150 IU per 100g), and flavonoid antioxidants such as naringenin, and naringin. Additionally, it is a moderate source of lycopene, beta-carotene, xanthin and lutein. Studies suggest that these compounds have antioxidant properties and are essential for vision. The total antioxidant strength measured in terms of oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) of grapefruit is 1548 µmol TE/100 g.

Red varieties of grapefruits are especially rich in powerful flavonoid antioxidant, lycopene. Studies shows that lycopene protects skin from dangerous UV rays, and offers protection against prostate cancer.

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