5 Text Report Tentang Kota Terkenal Dunia

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Text report tentang kota terkenal di dunia akan menjadi bahasan BIM kali ini. Bacaan jenis text report merupakan salah satu jenis teks yang selalu muncul dalam ujian, karena text report memang memiliki tingkat kesulitan yang baik.

Sobat perlu belajar tentang text report. Untuk sobat semua, berikut adalah beberapa text report yang bisa dibaca.

Text Report Tentang Kota Terkenal Dunia

Text Report Tentang Kota Paris Perancis

  1. Text Report Tentang Kota Paris Perancis

Since 508 A.D, Paris is the capital of France. The city has 2.275 million inhabitants. The city is very dynamic with 325 000 students studying at Paris University and other educational institutions, 140 theaters, 100 nightclubs, 96 cabarets, 90 movie theaters, 3 opera houses, 62 000 shopping venues. There are 6 million jobs in the Ile de France region for a GDP of 612 billion euros (83% in services), the largest of any european region.

The city is 9 miles East to West, 6 miles North to South, giving it an area of 33.5 square miles, 86.7 square kilometers. The city is 34 meters above sea level. The highest hill in town is Montmartre at 128 meters. At the top of Montmartre hill, the dome of Sacre Coeur is at 200m. The Seine, the river in Paris, flows through the city from South West to South East. The North bank is the Right Bank, la Rive Droite. The South bank is the Left Bank, la Rive Gauche.

In 2014, 45.9 million tourists visited the city and her region, including Disneyland and Versailles. The facts are that the city remains year after year the most visited one in the world ahead of London and New York City. The top attractions in town are Notre Dame Cathedral (14.3), Disneyland (14.2 million visitors in 2014), the Sacre Coeur (11), the Louvre Museum (9.2), Versailles Palace (7.5), the Eiffel Tower (7.1), Centre Pompidou (3.4) and the Cite des Sciences (2.3).

  1. Text Report Tentang Kota Venice Italia

Venice is a beautiful city in Italy. Venice is divided into six districts. There are 118 islands, 416 bridges, 177 canals and 127 squares in Venice. The Venice lagoon is 15 meters deep at its deepest point.

Population of Venice decreased from over 120,000 to 60,000 in the last 50 years.Some experts say that Venice could be a ghost town by 2030. It would be populated only by tourists that would come at the morning and leave in the evening, something like people do in a theme park.

Venice is known for its bridges. There are 417 bridges in Venice and 72 of those are private. Bridges in Venice usually don’t have steps on them since up until 16th century many people were moving around on a horseback. Bridge of Sighs was built to connect the old prison in Doge’s Palace with the new one across the river. One of the rare people escaping this prison was famous lover Giacomo Casanova. There are 3 major bridges across the Grand Canal – Accademia, Rialto and Scalzi. There is a fourth one, just a few years old. What is interesting about that one is that it already begins to show signs of decay, unlike the centuries old ones.

Venice has one of the narrowest streets in the world. Calletta, or Ramo Varisco street, is only 53 cm wide. Canals were the main communication routes, that’s why main entrances in old buildings were always on the canal side. They didn’t worry much about space between buildings on land, that’s why Venetian streets are often narrow, sometimes weird and without logic. It’s almost impossible to find an address in Venice. Houses in Venice are numbered according to the districts, not the streets. That is confusing even for a postmen there. The easiest way for orientation is to look the proximity of some monument, shop or famous buil

One of the most recognizable symbols of Venice are gondolas. Not everyone thinks about things like how they are made while enjoying their ride, but that is actually an interesting story: each gondola is made of eight different types of wood. Left side is bigger than the right one for 24 centimeters (almost a feet), and the parts of gondolas are symbols of some parts of Venice – front part represents six city zones, back part represents island Guideka, and the central part represents famous Rialto bridge. There are about 350 gondolas and 400 gondolieri in the city of Venice. On average, gondola is 11 meters long and it weights almost 600 kilos. Until recently, Venice didn’t have female gondoliers. Venice got its first female gondolier in 2010.

Every year 18 million tourists visit Venice. That’s, on average, around 50 thousand people per day. The peak time is during the carnival with more than three million visitors.

  1. Text Report Tentang Kota Roma

Rome—or Roma in Italian—is the capital city of Italy. It is also the largest city in the country. The city is famed for its history, architecture and food. Rome’s mascot is a she-wolf that cared for the brothers Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome.

According to ancient legend, the city of Rome was founded by the twin brothers Remus and Romulus, sons of the god Mars and the priestess Rhea Silvia. Abandoned at birth, they were raised by a she-wolf. Later, the two decide to found a city, but Romulus kills his brother in a fit of anger and names the city Rome, after himself.

Rome’s inhabitants (within the municipality) number around 2.7 million. Rome is located in central Italy in the Lazio region. The city is bordered by the Tiber River and lies about 15 miles from the Tyrrhenian Sea. Rome has a museum dedicated to pasta.

The National Museum of Pasta spans 11 rooms and two floors. Rome has two major football teams, AS Roma and SS Lazio. These two rival teams share the same stadium, Stadio Olimpico. Rome’s first university, La Sapienza (est. A.D. 1303), is the largest in Europe and the second largest in the world.

  1. Text Report Tentang Kota Jogja

Yogyakarta – also known as Jogjakarta – is a thriving town home to 500,000 inhabitants and the most popular tourist destination on Java island, Indonesia. The city is named after the Indian city of Ayodha from the Ramayana epic and translates to ‘A city that is fit to prosper,’ with Yogya meaning ‘suitable, fit, proper’ and karta meaning ‘prosperous, flourishing.’

The city of Yogyakarta is only one of five districts within the semi-autonomous “Yogyakarta Special Region.” This special status is thanks to the Sultanate of Hamengkubuwono, which has ruled the area since 1749 and through the difficult times of occupation and revolution.

Yogyakarta was the revolutionary capital city of the republic from 1946 to 1949 when Jakarta was still occupied by the Dutch. Thanks to this, the Indonesian central government recognized the Sultan of Yogyakarta as the appointed governor of the region and it remains the only position that is not elected directly by the people.

There are two distinct seasons in Yogyakarta: the wet season and the dry season. The wet season generally stretches from October to March, but the rainfall is heaviest during December through February. There is very little rain during June through September and those are the best months to visit the city.  As a tropical city located close to the equator, Yogyakarta enjoys warm weather year-round, which remains steady in the high 80s or low 90s (Fahrenheit).

  1. Text Report Tentang Kota Tokyo Jepang

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan, and the biggest city in Japan in terms of population and area. Tokyo has a total land area of 2187.42 square km and is home to about 10% of the population of Japan. Including the neighboring prefectures of Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa, the Tokyo conurbation has a total population of over 33 million inhabitants, the largest population concentration in the world.

Two major rivers flow through Tokyo, the Sumida River, running north-to-south into Tokyo bay, and the Tama River, running west-to-east, and forming the border between Tokyo and Kawasaki. Other rivers include the Edo, Arakawa, Sumida, Tama and Kanda rivers.

Tokyo has an average temperature of about 16.5 degrees Celsius (62 degrees F), an average minimum temperature of about 13 degrees Celsius (55 degrees F), and an average maximum temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees F). Average humidity is about 60%. January and February are the coldest months in Tokyo with an average of 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees F) and average humidity of 44%. It is the sunniest month with an average of 55% sunshine hours. July is the hottest month in Tokyo with an average of about 26 degrees Celsius (79 degrees F) and average humidity of 74%. It is the cloudiest month, with an average of 13% sunshine hours. Tokyo’s total rainfall in 2013 was 1900.5 mm. September and October often form the wettest period, with April not far behind. February is usually the driest month. Tokyo has generally milder weather than the large cities of Nagoya and Osaka to the south.

Tokyo experiences numerous earthquakes. Before the March 11 2011 Tohoku earthquake, 2005 was the year when Tokyo had had the most earthquakes of over 1 on the Richter scale, with 85 earthquakes. The Tohoku earthquake was an upper 5 on the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) scale and the aftershocks over the next two months were innumerable. The yearly average for earthquakes over 1 on the Richter scale in Tokyo is about 50.

Tokyo is the seat of the Emperor of Japan, the figurehead of Japan’s constitutional monarchy, who lives in the Imperial Palace (Kohkyo) in the heart of Tokyo. Tokyo became a major city, and one of the world’s most populous, from the beginning of the 17th century (then known as Edo, which had been founded in the 12th century) after 1603 when Tokugawa Ieyasu made it the seat of his feudal government. Tokyo became the capital of Japan (at the expense of Kyoto), and had its name changed from “Edo” to “Tokyo,” in 1868 with the modernizing Meiji Restoration.

In 1964, Tokyo hosted the summer Olympic Games and will stage the Olympics again in 2020.

Text Report Tentang Kota Terkenal Dunia

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