8 Puisi Valentine Bahasa Inggris Yang Romantis

Friday, May 1st, 2015 - Puisi

Puisi valentine bahasa inggris dari Cara Cepat Belajar Bahasa Inggris Dengan Mudah akan bercerita tentang hati yang patah dan terluka. Seperti burung yang kehilangan sayapnya rasa sedih akan menjadi tema puisi cinta berbahasa inggris yang bisa sobat baca.

Menyatakan Cinta Pada Kekasih Dengan Puisi Valentine Bahasa Inggris Yang Romantis

Puisi valentine bahasa inggris bisa menjadi salah satu cara mengungkapkan perasaan dan isi hati yang begitu memuja dirinya. Puisi valentine bahasa inggris akan menjadi satu kenangan tersendiri pada momen valentine sobat dengan sang kekasih. Sobat bisa memberikan puisi valentine berbahasa inggris untuk mengeksperikan rasa tulus dari hati sobat. Ia pasti menyukainya. Berikut ada puisi valentine bahasa inggris yang bisa sobat jadikan inspirasi.

8 Puisi Valentine Bahasa Inggris Yang Romantis

8 Puisi Valentine Bahasa Inggris Yang Romantis


by Nicholas Gordon

To my Valentine, with all my love,

Of whom I cannot say enough in praise:

May my love for you sufficient prove,

Yearning to redeem your caustic days.

Vortices within may drag you down.

Anchor, then, in my serenity.

Love saves some who otherwise might drown,

Embarked alone upon their Galilee.

Nor should you deem your own love not enough

To be the chapel to which I retreat

In search of a pavilion for my pain.

No love is love unless it be a seat

Enchanted, where a stone might weep again.


By Joanna Fuchs

Valentine’s Day reminds me

of the smile I smile

every time I think of you,

the emotional lift I feel

at the sound of your name.

Valentine’s Day reminds me

of the strength and comfort I get

from knowing

there are people like you in my life.

Everything good about Valentine’s Day

reminds me of you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


by   Jessica-Lynn Grandmont

It’s Valentines Day,

The day about love.

The angels are singing,

Loud up above.

Will you be my angel,

Want to be mine ?

I love you so much,

You’re my Valentine!

Will You Be My Valentine

By Joanna Fuchs

My days are filled with yearning;

My nights are full of dreams.

I’m always thinking of you;

I’m in a trance, it seems.

You’re all I ever wanted;

I wish you could be mine;

And so I have to ask you:

Will you be my Valentine?

My Valentine

by : Crystal L. Callaway

I crave your honesty on this day of love,

L ove you whole-heartedly my sweet dove.

O ut of the blue you shot from the sky,

V ividly, beautifully stunning my eye.

E ver adoring you is what I do best,

Y our smile, your face and all the rest.

O n days like these I truly believe,

U and I are meant to be!

Be mine

by ; Christina Occhipinti

the smile that cleanses my soul

the eyes that stop time with a single glance

the touch of love from his hands

I’ve been waiting for this day

this special time

all I can do is pray

for you to be my Valentine

Rain or Shine … Be My Valentine

by : Donna Wallace

Raindrops on our dresses,

Sunshine on our face,

No matter what the weather,

The look of love won’t be replaced.

The silent sound as rain falls,

The brilliance of the sun.

They only promise radiance,

Caused by either one.

Let it rain, or let it shine,

It won’t matter none.

You’re such a lovely Valentine,

In either rain, or sun.

Let it snow, let it hail,

Earth blanketed with white.

It won’t prevent our day,

Or deny the magic of our night.

I Want to be Your Valentine..

by : Bob

Oh precious oh precious please be mine

I want to be your Valentine

I’ll do anything to be your rose

I want to be the Valentine you chose

Hold my hand and don’t let go

Open your heart and feel our love grow

Lock me in your heart just for a day

Feeling your love while reality fades away

I’ll wait year after year

Crying and sobbing tear after tear

Oh precious oh precious please be mine

I want to be your Valentine!

Puisi Cinta Berbahasa Inggris Patah Hati Yang Sedih

Itu tadi puisi valentine berbahasa inggris romantis. Jangan sampai momen valentine menggangu sobat belajar. Tetap belajar bahasa inggris dengan membaca Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Pendidikan Singkat Dan Artinya. semoga puisi valentine berbahasa yang romantis ini bermanfaat.