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Friday, March 27th, 2015 - Narrative Text

Dongeng Roro Jonggrang yang berlatar di candi Prambanan Jogjakarta merupakan salah satu dongeng anak nusantara yang paling terkenal. Roro Jonggrang yang merupakan seorang purti dari sebuah kerajaan di masa lalu memiliki asebuah cerita yang hingga sekarang masih melekat dengan candi Prambanan di Jogjakarta. bahasainggrismudah.com memiliki dongeng versi bahasa inggrisnya untuk sobat BIM.

Terjemahan Cerita Dongeng Bahasa Inggris Roro Jonggrang 2015

Berikut adalah dongeng roro jonggrang dalam versi bahasa inggris yang bisa sobat BIM gunakan untuk berlatih bahasa inggris.

Cerita Dongeng Bahasa Inggris Roro Jonggrang- Dongeng Anak di  Candi Prambanan

Roro Jonggang And The Legend Of One Thousand Temple

Once upon a time there was a king named Prabu Boko in Prambanan area. He was a scary giant. He also had a lot soldiers and was so powerful. His kingdom area was so large. All of the smaller kingdoms in Prambanan area were under his kingdom. He has a minister named Patih Gupolo. Who is also a giant that like to eat human.

Even tough he was a scary giant, King Boko had a very beautiful human daughter, her name was princess Roro jonggrang. Not just beautiful, she also smart. And her father, the King Boko loved Roro Jonggrang so much.

In other place there was another big Kingdom named Pengging Kingdom. The king was Prabu Damar moyo. He had a son named prince Bandung Bondowoso. The prince was a strong man. More than that, he also had a group of genies as soldiers. When needed, He could call all the genies to help him. So, almost nothing was impossible for Bandung Bondowoso to do with the help of the genies.

One day, King Boko attacked pengging Kingdom because he wanted more area for his kingdom. A big war was happened. King Boko and his minister Patih Gupolo were so powerfull. Many of pengging people were killed because the war.

So, Prabu Damar moyo, the king of Pengging told his son Bandung Bondowoso to go to the war and killed King Boko and Patih Gupolo.

“Bandung, prepare yourself and your soldiers to go to the war. Killed King Boko and Patih Gupolo.” Said King Pengging.

“Yes my father. I will go.” Bandung Bondowoso answered his father then go to the war. Bandung Bondowoso then met and fought King Boko. It was a big fighting. Both of them were so powerful. But, in the end Bandung bondowoso can win the battle. He killed King Boko.

Knowing that king boko had just been killed by bandung Bondowoso, Patih Gupolo told the army to go back to Boko kingdom. Bandung Bondowoso then chase Patih Gupolo.

Patih gupolo run and hide inside the Boko palace. He met Roro Jongrang and told her that her father was killed by a prince named Bandung bondowoso.

Bandung Bondowoso searched for Patih gupolo inside the palace, there he met Roro jonggrang. And since that first sight he had been fallen in love with her.

Bandung Bondowoso then killed Patih gupolo and now boko area was part of Pengging kingdom.

Because bandung had killed king Boko, now the kingdom has new king, Bandung bondowoso. He wanted Roro jonggrang to be his wife. One day he asked Roro jongrang to be his wife.

“ Prince Roro jonggrang would you be my empress?” Ask bandung Bondowoso.

Roro jonggrang thought in silent. She hate Bandung bondowoso who had killed her father. But, She knew that if she refused Bandung Bondowoso would angry and killed her. After thouht for a while, she found a way. Then She said.

“Alright bandung Bondowoso, I will be your wife. But I have a wish.” Said Roro Jonggrang. “Tell me your wish Roro Jonggrang.” Answer Bandung.

“I will marry you but you must make me one thousand temples and two wheel in one night.” Said Roro jonggrang.

Hear that, Bandung bondowoso confidently agreed Roro Jonggrang wish. He sure with the help of his genies he can do that easily. When the night came, Bandung Bondowoso call the genies. Then Bandung Boondowoso told all the genies.”

“I want you all to help me build one thaousand temples and two wheel. All must finnish before the dawn.”  Said bandung.

“yes, My lord” answer all the Genies. Then they started to work. All the genies work incredibly fast. At the third half of the night Bandung Bondowoso and his genies had almost finish. Roro Jonggrang who watched it started to worried. He afraid if he must married Bandung Bondowoso who had killed her father.

She thought hard until she found an idea.

She would make sound so it looked like the dawn was coming. That will scare the ginnies and the temples will not finish.

Roro Jonggrang then asked the maids to start to work. This activities made the cock crowed.

Hear the sound the ginnies thought that the dawn had come. They affraid of the sun, so they flew away.

Seeing that, Bandung Bondowoso asked them to stay and finish the last temple. But the genies did not listen him and leave him alone with the last temple unfinished.

Then Bandung bondowoso tried to build the last temple alone. But because he was alone he worked slowly. The dawn had came before he finished the last temple. He failed to fulfill Roro jonggrang wish.

Knowing that her trick success, Roro Jonggrang then went to meet Bandung Bondowoso and then said.

“So Bandung Bondowoso, has the temples for me finished? It is already dawn.” Said her while smiling.

Seeing that, Bandung Bondowoso became angry. He knew that She had tricked him. He then cursed Roro Jonggrang.

“Roro jonggrang, you has tricked me so I failed to make one thousand temples in one night. It is just need one more temple. So, you will become the statue for the one thousandth temple.” Cursing Bandung.

And by the end of Bandung’s Words, Roro jonggrang’s body started to change into hard stone. And Roro Jonggrang turned into a beautiful statue. Bandung Bondowoso was crying in his anger. Because he had turned the women she loved into a stone.

Dongeng Bahasa Inggris Roro Jonggrang di Candi Prambanan

Itulah cerita dongeng roro jonggrang versi bahasa inggris. Ada juga naskah drama bahasa inggris cinderella.

Cerita dongeng roro jonggrang memiliki pesan moral bagi siapapun yang membacanya. Agar jangan bersikap licik seperti Roro jonggrang, yang menyebabkan ia dikutuk menjadi batu karena bersikap curang.