Contoh Example Report Text Earthquake Dan Tsunami

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Contoh atau example report text tentang earthquake dan tsunami akan BIM berikan kali ini. Contoh example report text kali ini tentunya berisikan fakta-fakta mengenai earthquake atau gempa bumi dan tsunami. Hal itu karena memang report text merupakan jenis teks yang berisikan data dan fakta.

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Example Report text EarthquakeExample Report text Earthquake

Example Report Text Earthquake Dan Tsunami

  1. Example Report Text Earthquake

Earthquakes involve the powerful movement of rocks in the Earth’s crust. The rapid release of energy creates seismic waves that travel through the earth. Scientists use the different speeds of seismic waves to locate the epicentre (the point on the surface directly above where the earthquake originated) of earthquakes. Seismometers are used to measure the magnitude of earthquakes. You are unlikely to feel a magnitude 3 earthquake but a magnitude 6 earthquake could potentially cause large damage. The damage caused by earthquakes also depends on their depth and fault type.

The earthquake that hit the Tohoku region of Japan on March 11, 2011, had a magnitude of 9.0 and killed over 15000 people. The destruction caused by the Tohoku earthquake was made much worse by powerful tsunamis that were triggered due to the earthquake’s epicentre being located offshore. The 2004 earthquake that occurred in the Indian Ocean near Sumatra, Indonesia triggered a series of tsunamis that killed over 200000 people in 14 countries.

The most powerful earthquake ever recorded on Earth was in Valdivia, Chile. Occurring in 1960, it had a magnitude of 9.5.

It is important in earthquake prone countries such as Japan to build houses and buildings that react well to earthquakes. Good engineering practises can help stop buildings collapsing under the stress of large earthquakes.

  1. Example Report Text Tsunami

Tsunamis are huge waves of water that are usually caused by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. Tsunamis are sometimes referred to as tidal waves but this term has fallen out of favour because tsunamis are not related to tides.

Regions in tsunami danger zones often have warning systems in place to give people as much time to evacuate as possible. As a tsunami approaches the shore, water may recede from the coast, if it is shallow enough the water may be pulled back hundreds of metres. If you are in the area, observing this is a good indication that a tsunami is on the way. When tsunamis hit shallow water (often near the coast) they slow down but increase in height.

An earthquake in the Indian Ocean off Indonesia in December 2004 caused a tsunami that killed over 200000 people in 14 countries. More earthquake facts. In March 2011, the Tohoku earthquake off the eastern coast of Japan caused a tsunami that was a major factor in the death of over 15000 people. The tsunami waves created by the Tohoku earthquake reached heights of over 40 metres (131 feet) in some areas, wiping out coastal towns and causing a number of nuclear accidents. The Japanese word tsunami literally means ‘harbor wave’.

Example Report Text Earthquake

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