Contoh Hortarory Expotition Text Tentang Korupsi, Pendidikan, Handphone, Dan Internet

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Contoh hortatory exposition text dalam artikel ini akan bisa sobat BIM gunakan untuk belajar bahasa inggris. Sobat bisa juga menggunakannya untuk contoh mengerjakan tugas dari sekolah. telah menyiapkan hortatory exposition text tentang berbagai hal, yaitu tentang korupsi, pendidian, handphone dan internet.

Belajar Bahasa Inggris Dengan Hortarory Expotition Text

Melalui hortatory exposition text, sobat akan belajar untuk berargumen dalam bahasa inggris. Satu hal yang menjadi ciri utama dari hortatory exposition text adalah adanya fakta-fakta untuk mendukung pernyataan. Tentu ini akan melatih sobat untuk menyatakan isi pikiran dalam bahasa inggris.

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Contoh Hortarory Expotition Text Tentang Mendukung Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi

Contoh Hortarory Expotition Text Tentang Mendukung Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi

Let’s Support The Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK )

KPK or in English Corruption Eradication Commission is important part in our fight again corruption. As an Indonesian people we must support KPK. In some last years KPK has done a lot of good work to eradicate corruption. So, we must protect KPK from anyone who try to weaken it.

For instance, from 2001 to 2010, Indonesia’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI) score improved from 1.7 to 2.8.

This incremental gain is considered one of the most progressive in Asia, thanks to Indonesia’s vibrant civil society, the active press and the hardworking Corruption Eradication Commission.

The TI data shows that in 2001 only 3% of the 91 countries surveyed were worse than Indonesia, while in 2010 the percentile increased to 40% out of 178 countries.

The fact above show us that KPK has done great job. So, we must support KPK. If we know any information about corruption, we must report it to KPK. We also must give our support to some KPK members that are being criminalized. We must watch the judicial process, to keep it fair and according the law.

Contoh Hortarory Expotition Text Tentang Pendidikan, Penghapusan UAN

National Exam ( Ujian national / UN ) Should Be Changed

National Exam or UN is a big issue in Indonesia. It is supposed to measure the ability of the students, but it is now a nightmare, not just for the students, but also for the parents and teachers. In fact UN has give to much pressure to the students. It must be changed.

When the time for the national exam come we can see on the face of the students the fear and the stress. Education should educate people not to put them on too much pressure.

It is also a fact that there are so many students that try to cheat on the exam. On the news we were told about students that bring hand phone with answer in it. Or about the watchers that let the students to ask answer to their friends.

And after the exam, we find that some students whom are not pass the grade will be too depressed.

Thoose facts above are enough to show us that UN is bring more bad than the good. We must change the system. We still need UN as an evaluation of the studying process. But it should not be the only one to decide the result. Teachers and school also should be the part to decide whether a student pass the grade or not.

Contoh Hortarory Expotition Text Tentang Hand phone

Students Can Bring Hand phone to School

Hand phone is an important thing now. It helps peoples especially to communicate. Handphone also can help students learn. So students should be allowed to bring hand phone to school.

The fact now is that there are so many progamme inside the hand phone that can help student to study. Internet in the phone can help student to get information. There are also program like dictionary or e-book that can be used in learning procces.

More than that, now is the era of technology. To limit student’s access to gadget will only make them leaved behind about technology.

Then, if we talk about the negative using of handphone it is actually depend on the users. If a student already has an intention to do something negative, even if he or she did not allowed to bring handphone to school he or she will search a way to keep doing it.

The last fact is that handphone is very important for communication.

So, let’s use hand phone as a part of the technology and use it to help to make the education procces easier.

Contoh Hortarory Expotition Text Tentang Internet

Internet Is Important For Kids

Internet is important for everyone even a kid. So, it is necessary to introduce our kids to internet.

Internet can be used as one of education tools for the kids. Parents can finds games, songs, and movies for kids from the internet.

The technology is also getting  better and better. If we do not introduce our kids from now, they will be get difficulty latter.

So, let’s make internet a friend and not an enemy. Use it to help the education of the children. Of course it is important that the parents keep watching on what the kids doing with the internet. Lead the kids to use internet in a positive ways.

4 Contoh Hortarory Expotition Text

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