Contoh Narrative Text Singkat Bahasa Inggris

Friday, April 10th, 2015 - Narrative Text

BIM kali ini akan membahas beberapa contoh narrative text singkat bahasa inggris. Namun sebelum memberikan contoh narative singkat, mari kita pahami dulu apa itu pengertian narrative text.

Yang dimaksud dengan Narrative text adalah jenis teks cerita yang menceritakan rangkaian  peristiwa atau ceritanya dari waktu ke waktu secara berurutan. Jadi dalam narrative text, ada peristiwa yang menjadi awal, inti dan penutup.

Membaca Contoh Narrative Text Singkat Bahasa Inggris

Narrative text bertujuan untuk menghibur dan menarik minat pembacanya dengan jalan cerita dari tokoh-tokoh yang ada di dalam cerita. Teks narrative tidak terbatas hanya pada cerita legenda, dongeng ataupun fabel saja. Tapi dalam pelajaran di sekolah, teks yang bergenre naratif biasanya hanya digunakan untuk menunjukkan cerita fiksi seperti dongeng ataupun legenda saja.Hal itu karena cerita jenis ini bersifat sugestif, yaitu teks yang tujuannya agar pembaca mendapatkan hikmah dari sebuah cerita. Sehingga selain belajar bahasa juga belajar tentang pesan moral.

Generic Structure Narrative text

Narrative text memiliki generic structure sebagai berikut.

Orientasi : set adegan dan memperkenalkan para Tokoh.

Komplikasi : krisis, konflik, atau munculnya masalah.

Resolusi : masalah tersebut teratasi, bisa lebih baik atau lebih buruk.

Re-Orientasi : Opsional ( Bila Masalah Lebih Buruk)

Ciri-ciri Narrative Text

Jika sobat BIM  mendapat tugas untuk membuat tulisan narrative text, maka ciri-ciri di bawah ini bisa dijadikan pedoman:

Fokus pada satu tokoh atau pelaku dan biasanya individual sehingga biasanya menggunakan kata ganti seperti “I, we, she, he”.

Menggunakan 3 bentuk past tense yaitu simple past tense, past continuous, maupun bentuk past tense lainnya.

Terkadang ada dialog.

Karena berurutan (kronologis), maka biasanya juga menggunakan kata sambung (conjunction) agar cerita terlihat runtut atau urut.

Contoh Narrative Text Singkat Berbahasa inggris

Contoh Narrative Text Singkat Bahasa Inggris- Judy Wanted A Dog

Judy  Wanted a Dog

There was a girl. The girl’s  name was Judy  . Judy  loved dogs. Judy  wanted to buy a dog. She wanted to buy a big dog.

Judy  flew to a petshop in Japan. Judy  flew on an airplane to a petshop in Japan. Judy  went to the petshop in Japan. The petshop in Japan did not have big dogs. The supermarket in Japan only had small dogs. Judy did not want a small dog. She wanted a big dog. There were no big dogs in the petshop in Japan. Mary was felling sad. But She did nit give up.

Judy  then took a train to Russia. Judy  took a train from Japan to Russia. In Russia, Judy  went to a bank. The bank in Russia did not have any big or small dogs. The bank in Russia had a lot of money but they did not have any dogs. Judy  was sad that there were no dogs at the bank in Russia.

Judy  walked from Russia to Germany. Judy  walked all the way from Russia to Germany. In Germany, Judy  went to a pet shop. She went to a small pet shop in Germany. She wanted to buy a big dog at the small pet shop in Germany.

Judy  was very happy because there were five big dogs are the pet shop in Germany. Judy  bought a big white and brown dog in Germany. She bought an expensive white and brown dog at the pet shop in Germany. The expensive dog cost 5 million Euros. Judy  was very happy that she finally had a big dog. She finally had a big dog but now she had no money.

Contoh Narrative Text Singkat Bahasa Inggris- Ana And Frog

Ana And The Frog

Ana loved playing in the fields. Her  parent had a rice field near their house, which they usually went to everiday.

There, Ana could play near a small stream, where he could wet his feet.

Ana liked hunting small animals. He liked to hunt for crickets, frogs, and fireflies. One day, she caught a frog and then put it in a jar. When she was about to pick up the the frog, the frog looked at him and said:

“I will become a Prince if you kiss me”

Ana kissed the frog and she became a prince.Then they became a good friend.

Bayu And The Ghosts

 Once upon a time there was a kid called Bayu who went out at night to count the stars. He was so happy to see the stars shined brightly. Then his mother called him for dinner. He went back home for dinner.

Bayu went to his room after dinner, holded his teddy bear on the bed and fell asleep. His parents wished him good night and kissed him happily to sleep.

It was in the midle of the night. A noise woke bayu up. He looked under the bed and on the floor there was a giant! But Bayu was a brave kid. He was not scared.

Then he heard another creppy noise from inside the wardrobe. Bayu opened it and there was Mr. Vampire showing his sharp teets. He again heard a noise coming from the window, and this time it was a white ghost.

There were more noise come from all around the room. There was noise of a steps from outside, the door opened, Bayu was worried now. But he calmed down when saw his parents, They kissed Bayu and he closed his eyes and fell aslep again.

King Midas

Once upuna time there was a King who was really greedy.  His name was King Midas.

King Midas lived in a big palace near a river. He was very rich. He had a lot of moneyband luxury things. But he was really greedy. He still wanted more

 “I want to be richer. And richer!” King Midas used to say that words everiday.

One day he met a magician. “I want to have more treasures than I already have”- Said King Midas to the magician.

 The magician want to teach him a lesson so he gave king Midas what he want.

 “Your majesty, I can give you a power that would make you the richest man in the world, anything that you touch will turn into gold”. Said the magician

The king was very happy with his power.Everything he touched turned into gold, and he turned cutleries, tables, chairs and flowers into gold. But then he felt hungry.He sat down for dinner. But when he touch the food, he also turned the food into gold. He could not eat.

His daughter came to met king Midas. But in the moment he hugged her daughter, she turned into a gold statue. King Midas then went to meet the magician,

“I wanted you to realize that being rich is not important; you have to pay attention to the real things, like your family”. – Said the magician.

And King Midas learnt the lesson and the magician changed everything back to normal. As we all know, greed overreaches itself; one may end up with nothing.

 King Midas was never greedy again and lived happy with his family since then.

Dini’s Red Shoes

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Dini. She was living in a house with her mum and dad and her sister Dina.

Dini was a nice and lovely girl who liked to help other. She loved her family so much. Especially her litle sister, Dina.

One day, her parents gave her a pair of red shoes for her birthday present. And her sister Andrea gave her a nice colorful ball.

Sussi was so happy about her blue shoes but did not care about the colorful ball her sister had given her.

Days passed… She always wore her red shoes, went to school in her red shoes, went for walks in the garden with her red shoes and played in her red shoes.

More days passed. Her shoes started to get old because she used them everiday.

One day, her sister Dina, hid her blue shoes. Dini became really sad. She didn’t want to wear other shoes.

Dini, her sister, felt sorry to make her sister so sad so she gave her back her red shoes.

When Dina saw her old red shoes was really happy.

One day, Dini saw a small hole in the sole of her red shoes, and ran to show to her mum. Her mum told her that it was time to change her shoes, but Dini did not want any others.

Her mum talked to her explaining that many things in life do not last forever, including her nice red shoes, and that Dini have to learn to get rid of those things we really like.

Dini’s mum promised to buy her another pair of beautiful shoes. Her Mother then bought nice white shoes this time. Sussi was so happy to wear her new white shoes.

Contoh Narrative Text Singkat

Belajar juga tentang berbagai percakapan dalam bahasa inggris. Demikian sobat BIM semoga contoh narrative text singkat di atas bermanfaat.