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Membuat descriptive text about person atau teks descriptive tentang orang adalah hal yang menyenangkan, mungkin sobat sedang mendapat tugas ini di sekolah? Descriptive text about person adalah tugas yang menyenangkan karena sobat  bisa membuat sebuah teks yang bercerita tentang artis faforit atau penyanyi kesukaan atau orang terkenal yang sobat sukai. Tentu adalah hal yang menyenangkan bukan saat membahas tentang orang yang menjadi idola sobat. akan memberikan beberapa contoh tentang descriptive text about person.

Membuat Descriptive Text About Person

Descriptive Text About Person

Saat membuat descriptive text about person sobat harus memberikan beberapa informasi mengenai orang tersebut. Secara fisik, atau sifat, atau bisa juga keunikan yang dia miliki. Saat berbicara tentang orang terkenal, sobat bisa juga menuliskan tentang apa yang sobat sukai darinya.

Tentu hal seperti itu merupakan hal yang menyenangkan dalam belajar bahasa inggris. Karena sobat menulis tentang orang yang sobat jadikan idola, pastikan sobat menulis sebaik mungkin.

Example of Descriptive Text About Person, Artist, and Famous Person

Berikut adalah descriptive text about person dari BIM. Baca juga Contoh Text Descriptive Tentang Hewan Singkat Berbahasa Inggris.

Descriptive Text About Justin Bieber

Descriptive Text About Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is my favorite singer. I love his music. He make me happy when I hear him singing. When I am really down and sad. I will hear one of Justin’s songs.

He is also cute. I like the way he sings and when I first heard him sing ‘Baby’ and saw him do the video of the song and that’s how I started liking him. He can also play any kind of instruments that I like, for example: guitar, and piano. I became a belieber since I listen to his music from the first time.

His music gave me a awesome feeling, like he was there for me to comfort and help me. The most important thing is that Justin taught me to never say never. He teach me that dreams do come true, if you really want it. He made me smile, I can talk hours about what I love about Justin, his hair, his voice, his dougie, his eyes, his humour… but this is what I tell people first. This is the reason why I really love him.

Descriptive Text About Artist Favorite, Maudy Ayunda

Descriptive Text About Artist Favorite, Maudy Ayunda

Maudy Ayunda is my favorite artist. She very is beautiful and smart. She make me fall in love with her since first I saw her at TV.

My first time see her is when she promote a beauty product on a TV’s advertisement. Since then, she play movies and also become a singer. Her voice is also wonderful. I like the song since the first time I heard it.

Maudy is also an artist that care about her education. I hear now she is studying somewhere at foreign university. I hope she will make new movies and songs soon.

Descriptive Text About Famous Person, Taylor Swift

Descriptive Text About Famous Person, Taylor Swift

Taylor Alison Swift or more popular with Taylor Swift was born in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, USA at 13 Desember 1989. She is a music country singer. She is also my inspiration and role model.

     Taylor Swift loves to sing since childhood. Her first song is “Lucky You” which she wrote while still sitting in school. Taylor Swift likes to sing while playing the guitar. Her appearance and performance is simple but charming. On concert, she usually  using a short dress and carrying a guitar. She always sings with relaxing and soulful.

      Taylor Swift is very beautiful. She is tall and her skin is white, her eyes is blue. Her nose is sharp, she has curly hair, and its color is blond.

       Taylor Swift won many award such as Album of the Year for Fearless, as well as Best Female Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Song for “White Horse”. She also is the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for “You Belong with me”.

Taylor has taught me many things such us to be fearless, to always fight for your dreams no matter what, to know that if I’m different that’s a good thing and I don’t have to change that, to be myself, to never give up on my dreams.

3 Descriptive Text About Person

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