Drama Bahasa Inggris Cinderella And The Glass Shoes

Monday, March 30th, 2015 - Drama

Drama bahasa inggris adalah salah satu metode pembelajaran bahasa inggis yang mudah dan menarik. Salah satu drama bahasa inggris yang seringkali dimainkan adalah drama bahasa inggris yang diadaptasi dari dongeng cinderella. bahasainggrismudah.com punya drama bahasa inggris untuk sobat BIM.

Dongeng cinderela memang memiliki daya tariknya tersendiri. Cerita yang berpusat tentang seorang gadis malang yang tinggal bersama ibu tiri dan saudara perempuan tirinya ini berakhir dengan bahagia setelah ia menemukan cinta sejatinya. Apalagi karena cinta sejatinya adalah seorang pangeran. Bicara tentang cinta, ada 32 kata kata cinta bahasa inggris yang romantis.

Drama Bahasa Inggris Cinderella

Drama bahasa inggris Cinderella dan Sepatu Kaca

Dongeng Cinderela juga tidak bisa lepas dari kisah tentang sepatu kaca yang menjadi simbol dari keajaiban cerita ini. Drama bahasa inggris cinderella tentunya juga berpusat pada alur cerita yang sama. Tentu cerita cinderella dan tokoh-tokoh lainnya di lakukan melalui dialog oleh beberapa orang.

Kelebihan dari sebuah permainan drama bahasa inggris adalah karena dalam sebuah drama seseorang harus berbicara. Dalam drama bahasa inggris hal ini berarti bahwa sobat BIM harus mengucapkan kalimat-kalimat dalam bahasa inggris. Hal ini tentu akan melatih kepercayaan diri dan juga kemampuan speaking sobat BIM.

Dongeng bahasa inggris cinderella bisa sobat BIM buat sendiri. Tetapi BIM juga sudah menyiapkan sebuah versi drama bahasa inggris dari dongeng cinderela untuk inspirasi sobat BIM.

Teks Drama Bahasa Inggris Dongeng Cinderella

teks drama cinderella

Reader : IN a big house, lived a beautiful girl with her stepmother and three stepsisters. A humble girl but is very beautiful and kind. She was a bit unfortunate that she had to live with mother and sisters that always asked her to do all the work at the big house. She had to cleaned the house, cooked, and other works.

Anastasia: Cinderella, where is my cloth? Have you wash it?
Frederica : Cinderella, I am hungry, where is my breakfast?
Drizella : Cinderella, my room is dusty. When will you clean it?
Reader: The three sisters were calling Cinderella one day.
Mother :that dirty girl. She never do her job well.
Three sister: yes. She is…
Cinderella : Here is the breakfast. I will prepare Anastasia cloth, and then clean frederica room.
Mother: Then do it now. And don’t forget to cut the grass at the yard.
Cinderella : Yes Mother..
Mother : Then Go now…
Three sisters : Hihihiihi… (laughing)

Reader: Then Cinderella went away to do her daily jobs while the mother and three sisters ate their breakfast.

Reader: The royal trumpet was blown. Then came the envoy of the kingdom with some soldier with and invitation. Everyone listen to the announcement.

The envoy of the Kingdom: announcement … announcement … In connection with the folk festival that will be held in the palace tonight, the palace party invite all people to come and participate this. Please present at the festival. The Prince also will choose a dancing mate for tonight. So, grooming as beautiful as possible, in case you were elected.

Reader: Everyone is happy to hear the announcement, including, Cinderella and her stepsister, Anastasia, Drizella, and Frederica.

Anastasia: This is fun … definitely Prince chose me to be his queen. Because, I’m the most beautiful here!

Drizella: Who says? Surely someone is blind! Obviously I was the one who would be the companion of the Prince.

Frederica: Are you two dreaming ?! I am the most suitable for the prince.

Stepmother: Hey, no need to fight. I bet one of my beautiful child will be elected as a companion of the Prince. Whoever of you who elected is fine. The most important thing is that I will be rich and became a royal party.

Cinderella: I want to come to the festival too.
Mother: No you can’t go.
Anastasia : you must clean the house.
Drizella : You must wash the cloth.
Frederica : you must cut the grass.
Mother : Now, go and continue your work.

Reader : Cinderella then went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. But she was crying there because she want to go to festival. While the mother and three sister prepared to go to the festival. When the other had gone to the festival, Cinderella sat sadly at her room. When then something happened. A fairy-godmother showed up.

Cinderella : I really want to go to the festival. (Crying…)
Fairy Godmother : Don’t cry Cinderella.
Cinderella : Oh, Who are you?
Fairy Godmother : I am Fairy Godmother. Now, stop crying.
Cinderella : But I want to go to the festival.

Fairy Godmother: (Smile friendly.) …..Cinderella, i will help you. Now, take four rats, two lizard, and a large pumpkin.

Cinderella: (CONFUSED his face. For what?

Fairy Godmother: To help you. Now collected it.

Reader: Cinderella did what the fairy godmother asked.

Cinderella : Here, what you want.
Fairy Godmother: Hocus Focus Tralala (Swinging his wand on the animals)

Reader : A miracle happened. The Four mice turned into horses. Two lizard turned into a coachman. And the great pumpkin turned into a golden carriage.

Fairy Godmother: You also need a new dress. Hocus Focus Tralala.
Reader : Cinderella cloth turning into a beautiful dress.
Cinderella: It is a nice dress, fairygodmother
Fairy Godmother: yes it is. I also have a pair of glasses shoes for you.

Cinderella: “Fairy Godmother, this is a very beautiful shoes. Thank you very much.
fairy godmother : You’r welcome. But you must remember that the effect of this magic will disappear after twelve o’clock at night. Therefore, go home before midnight.

Cinderella: Ok, Fairy Godmother, I’ll remember that. I’ll go now.

Fairy Godmother: Ok. Go now.

Reader : Cinderella Then went to the palace by the golden carriage. She wore a beautiful dress and ofcouse the glasses shoes. At the festival, all the eyes look at the beautiful Cinderella.

Anastasia : Isn’t that Cinderella.
Drizella: It is impossible.
Frederica : Yes, it’s her.
Mother : What is she doing here.
Reader : The prince see Cinderella and then. ask her to dance.
Prince : Hi. Would you dance with me.
Cinderella : Oke,sure
Prince : You are so beautiful.
Cinderella: Thank you very much.

Reader : Cinderella and the prince danced. But then the midnight come. The clock bell sounded.

Cinderella : It is midnight. I must go now.
Prince : What….? Go…? Why….? I still want to dance with you.
Cinderella : I must go now.
Prince : Don’t go……!!!! hei, what’s your name?
Reader : But Cinderella did not answer. Cinderella run leaved the confused prince. One of the Cinderella shoes were left while she run.the prince take it.

Reader : Morning had came. Cinderella were punished by the mother to stay at her room because she came to the festival last night. She were not allowed to leave he room. The royal trumpet was blown. The prince come to Cinderella house with some soldiers. He looked for the owner of the glasses shoes.

Mother : Oh, prince, are you come here for one of my daughter?
Anastasia : You must come to see me.
Drizella : You must have fall in love with me.
Frederica : no, the prince is here to meet me.
Prince : i am actually looking for the owner of this shoes. I will marry the owner of this shoes.
Anastasia : that is mine.
Drizella : No. That is mine.
Frederica : you two liar. That shoes is mine.
Prince. You can try it. If it fit on your foot, that it mean that it is your shoes.

Reader : all the sisters tried the shoes. But none fitted to the shoes. Even the mother also tried the shoes. But also not fitted.

Prince : Because none of you fit the shoes. I will look for the owner at other house.

Reader : suddenly Cinderella showed up.

Cinderella : Can i try it?
Mother : No, you can not. You should be at your room.
Prince : Let her try the shoes.

Reader : Cinderella tried the shoes and it fit. The prince smile.

Prince : You are the owner. You will be my wife. Would you be my wife?
Cinderella : Yes sure. I would.

Reader : The prince then took cinderella to the pallace and on the next day they married. They life happylly ever after. The end.

Naskah Drama bahasa inggris Cinderella

Itu tadi adalah text naskah drama bahasa inggris cinderella. belajar juga tentang english conversation dialog, percakapan bahasa inggris di bank.

Semoga sobat BIM bisa lebih mudah belajar bahasa inggris dengan drama bahasa inggris cinderella di atas.