Kumpulan Puisi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Ayah

Friday, May 15th, 2015 - Puisi

Kumpulan bahasa inggris tentang ayah akan bahasainggrismudah.com sajikan kepada sobat BIM di artikel ini. Ayah adalah sosok yang berjasa bagi kita semua. Ungkapan sayang dan terima kasih pantas kita berikan kepadanya. Salah satunya lewat puisi.

Membaca Puisi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Ayah

Sobat mungkin sedang merasakan perasaan yang mendalam terhadap ayah sobat. Mungkin, sedang rindu karena ayah jauh di sana, atau sedang bahagia karena bisa bersama dengan ayah sobat. Coba ungkapkan perasaan tersebut dengan puisi bahasa inggris tentang ayah dari BIM. Sobat bisa juga sekalian belajar bahasa inggris dengan membaca kumpulan puisi bahasa inggris tentang ayah berikut.

Baca Juga Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris Pendek Dan Artinya.

Berikut ini adalah kumpulan puisi bahasa inggris tentang ayah khusus untuk sobat BIM.

Puisi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Ayah Tercinta

Puisi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Ayah Tercinta

Silent Strong Dad

by :Karen K. Boyer    

He never looks for praises

He’s never one to boast

He just goes on quietly working

For those he loves the most

His dreams are seldom spoken

His wants are very few

And most of the time his worries

Will go unspoken too

He’s there…. A firm foundation

Through all our storms of life

A sturdy hand to hold to

In times of stress and strife

A true friend we can turn to

When times are good or bad

One of our greatest blessings,

The man that we call Dad.

puisi ayah dalam bahasa inggris yang sedih karena sudah meninggal

In Memory Of My Dad

by : Leah Hendrie

If I could write a story

It would be the greatest ever told

Of a kind and loving father

Who had a heart of gold

If could write a million pages

But still be unable to say, just how

Much I love and miss him

Every single day

I will remember all he taught me

I’m hurt but won’t be sad

Because he’ll send me down the answers

And he’ll always be MY DAD

puisi tentang ayah dalam bahasa inggris

puisi tentang ayah dalam bahasa inggris rasa bangga terhadap ayah

Special Hero

by : Christina M. Kersche

When I was a baby,

you would hold me in your arms.

I felt the love and tenderness,

keeping me safe from harm.

I would look up into your eyes,

and all the love I would see.

How did I get so lucky,

you were the dad chosen for me.

There is something special

about a father’s love.

Seems it was sent to me

from someplace up above.

Our love is everlasting,

I just wanted you to know.

That you’re my special hero

and I wanted to tell you so.

puisi untuk ayah dalam bahasa inggris terbaru

My Daddy

by : Ranja Kujala

I sit and look back to how far I can remember,

And you are always there next to me.

Each and everyday you were helping me grow up,

And making me be the best that I can be.

Your love was forever strong,

Your cuddles forever tight.

Everyday since I was born,

Your love was always in sight.

I will always be your Baby Girl,

And you will always be my Dad.

I know I will always be the luckiest,

To have the best Dad any girl could have had.

My Daddy I love you with all my heart,

Much more than I ever say.

You are my world, my everything,

Each and Every day.

puisi bahasa inggris tentang ayah, rindu kepada ayah yang sudah meninggal

Wish You Were Here

by : Diana Doyle

Three months have passed

I’ll never forget the day

Someone rang to tell me

That you’d gone away

The hurt is the same

Like an open wound

There are days

I don’t utter a sound

Some days the pain is stronger

It makes me sick and weak

I can’t stand this much longer

I just sit here and weep

I’ve shut my private door

And let no one in

Locking myself in a box

They try, but I won’t give in

You were like a rock

Strong, faithful and true

What worth has my life

Now I don’t have you

I was your first born

Daddy’s little girl

I took my own path

But was still part of your world

I was not the best

Guilty of neglect

But you know daddy dearest

I had so much respect

I always loved you

My dad, my star

Now my pain is

To worship you from afar

I love you now

As I did back then

I just hope… one day

I will see you again

I am so proud of you

Brave and strong to the end

Now when asked “how are you?”

There is no need to pretend

We all love and miss you so much, sleep well

and take care of all who went before you

Forever in my heart

Puisi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Ayah

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