Personal Pronouns: Subject dan Object Pronouns

Monday, September 25th, 2017 - Grammar, Parts Of Speech

Personal pronouns adalah kata ganti untuk Orang atau benda yang spesifik. kita memiliki subject dan object pronouns. Belajar tentang personal pronouns penting untuk belajar grammar bahasa inggris.

Kita menggunakan personal pronouns menggantikan orang atau orang yang sedang kita bicarakan. Ketika sobat berbicara tentang diri sobat, hampir selalu menggunakan “I” atau “me”, bukan nama sobat. Ketika kita berbicara tentang orang lain, katakanlah bernama John, kita mungkin mulai dengan “John” tapi kemudian gunakan “him” atau “he”. Dan seterusnya.

Personal Pronouns,  subject dan object pronouns, Me, Her, Him, Us, Them

Subject Object
I me
you you
he him
she her
it it
we us
you you
they them

Kita menggunakan he/him untuk prian, dan she/her untuk wanita. Untuk jamak kita menggunakan they/them.

  • This is Bondan. He is my brother. I don’t think you have met him.
  • This is Ana. She is my sister. Have you met her before?
  • This is Ana and Bondan. They are my friends. i will go with them to school.

Saat membicarakan benda tunggal kita gunakan it. Namun kadang kita memanggil hewan dengan he/him ataushe/her, Terutama hewan kesayangan. Ships (kapal) dan negara kadang juga menggunakan she/her. Contoh:

  • This is our dog Rusty. He‘s an Alsatian.
  • The Titanic was a great ship but she sank on her first voyage.
  • My first car was a Mini and I treated her like my wife.
  • Thailand has now opened her border with Cambodia.

Saat tidak yakin dia pria atau wanita juga  menggunakan they/them. Bisa juga he, atau he or she

  • If a teacher needs help, he or she should see the principal.
  • If a teacher needs help, he should see the principal.
  • If a teacher needs help, they should see the principal.
  • Talk to a friend. Ask them to help you.
  • You could go to a doctorThey might help you.

ita menggunakan it untuk benda.

  • It is my bag.
  • it is her car.

Kita sering menggunakan it untuk memulai sebuah komentar. Juga untuk cuaca, jarak, waktu,dll.

  • It is nice to have a holiday sometimes.
  • It is important to dress well.
  • It‘s difficult to find a job.
  • Is it normal to see them together?
  • It didn’t take long to walk here.
  • It‘s raining.
  • It will probably be hot tomorrow.
  • Is it nine o’clock yet?
  • It‘s 50 kilometres from here to Cambridge.

Personal Pronouns, subject dan object pronouns

Personal Pronouns Subject pronouns

Kita menggunakan subject pronouns sebagai subject dari verb:

I like your dress.
You are late.
He is my friend
It is raining
She is on holiday
We live in England.
They come from London.

Personal Pronouns, Object pronouns

 Kita menggunakan  object pronouns:

• Sebagai object dari verb:

Can you help me please?
I can see you.
She doesn’t like him.
I saw her in town today.
We saw them in town yesterday, but they didn’t see us.

• setelah prepositions:

She is waiting for me.
I’ll get it for you.
Give it to him.
Why are you looking at her?
Don’t take it from us.
I’ll speak to them.

Contoh Kalimat Dengan Personal Pronouns

  • Steve, Bill, and I went to the park.
  • He is the best player on the team.
  • The money will be divided between you and me.
  • She and I went to the movies.
  • If you have any questions, you can ask either her or me.
  • She and I went to the movies.
  • It doesn’t work. Can the man fix it?
  • We went home. Anthony drove us.
  • Do you need a table for three? Did John and Mary beat you at doubles?
  • They played doubles. John and Mary beat them.

Personal Pronouns

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