Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Global Warming Terbaru

Friday, March 27th, 2015 - Pidato

Pidato bahasa inggris tentang global warming berikut bisa menjadi media pembelajaran bagi siswa dalam belajar Bahasa Inggris. Global Warming memang salah satu topik pidato bahasa inggris yang seringkali muncul dalam soal.

Pidato bahasa inggris tentang global warming mampu melatih kemampuan reading atau membaca siswa. Selain itu pengucapan yang tepat saat membaca dengan keras juga akan berguna bagi siswa saat untuk melatih kemampuan berbicara atau speaking dan pronounsation atau pengucapan. Ada 500 kosa kata bahasa inggris yang paling sering digunakan.

Kerangka Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Global Warming

Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Global Warming
Ketika membuat sebuah pidato, sobat BIM tidak bisa lepas dengan yang namanya kerangka pidato. Kerangka pidato secara garis besar ada tiga yaitu pembuka, isi dan penutup.

Pembuka pidao bisa berisi salam, isi berisikan apa yang ingin sobat BIM sampaikan. Dan penutup berisi harapan atau kesimpulan.

Berikut adalah contoh pidato bahasa inggris tentang global warming dari BIM.

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Global Warming Terbaru dari BIM

Pidato Global Warming Bahasa Inggris
Assalamu’alaikum wr. Wb.
First, lets give our praise to the God that we still have the health and we can meet together here.

My respected teachers and beloved friends.

Today I would like give a speech about one of the most popular issues in the world, that is global warming. So, what we already know about global warming? As a remember for all of us, including my self, global warming is not just words. Global warming is two words that refers to one of the most dangerous problem to all humanity on earth.

Global warming is a condition of our earth that can lead to a certain danger. In Indonesia, recently we can fell it our self that the climate has been changing uncertainly. It can be very hot even tough it is in the middle of rainy season. While in the middle of the dry season, suddenly run coming. The climate in our earth has became unpredictable. the weather can change without we can guest.

In 2009-2010, our beloved country also has a long dry season that make our farmer get difficulty to cultivate their rice. Our day has become so hot recently. The sunlight seems to hotter then before. Indonesia is a country that located at the equator line. Our land climate is hot. But it used to be not so hot.

So, what wrong with the climate? Why earth now become so hot. The answer is that all this problem as a result of global warming. This two words, GLOBAL WARMING is not a new issue for all of us. We have heard these words before. We have known about this thing from the television, or read it at the newspaper. Many climate expert has warn us about global warming. But, we never really listen to what they say. Indonesian people know about global warming, but we just keep doing thing that make it worse like burning our Forrest. In fact, now Indonesia is at the number tenth of countries with global warming issues.

It is our time to do something about it. It is our time to start care. We must try to save our country, our earth. We must save our earth from the danger of global warming.

My teachers and my friends.

This earth is the gift from the God that we must fell gratitude about. We must keep it green and good. We must keep our earth to be a comfortable place to life, for us and for our children.

Let us pray to the God that we can save our earth. That God help us to prevent global warming. Amin..

Global warming is an issue that related closely to the ozone on atmosphere. Ozone is what protect us from the heat of the sun. Human, animals, and plants can live happily and comfortably on earth because the ozone protect us from the UV ray from the sun. Without the ozone, the shine of the sun will be to hot and we will not able to life on earth. So, we can imagine that if the ozone is destroyed that will be a bad thing for us.

In fact, the scientist believe that the ozone have become thinner. Even in Arizona, the scientists have found some hole on the ozone layer. And this damage of the ozone is the result of the global warming.

On that area that the ozone has broken, the UV light will be dangerous for living things. For human, animals, and plants.

The land also in danger because the global warming has make the ice at the pole melting. It will make some land might be sink under the water. There are many danger of the global warming.

My respected teachers and dear friends

Global warming is a dangerous thing. Let us prevent it. Let us keep what the God have give us. Our beloved earth. Let us us human save the animals, the plants and the earth.
Stop Global Warming. It is our time to be care.

We can do some simple things to help preventing the global warming.

1.We must use the electricity, the fuel efficiently. It good for us to use bicycle instead of motor cycle. The smoke of motorcycle may accumulate and destroy the ozone.

3. Let’s keep our forest. Forest is the lung of our world. Forest will change the carbon dioxide into oxygen

4. Do the 3R Pricipal
– Recycle
– Reduce
– Reuse

5. Choosing the nature friendly chemical and energy.
– Bio Gas,
– Bio Fuel,
– sun panel

My teachers and friends

That is what I would like to say about global warming. Let’s save our earth, let’s keep aour nature.

Stop Global warming..
Thank you very much.

Wassalamu’alaikum wr. Wb.

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Global Warming dari BIM

Itu tadi adalah contoh pidato bahasa inggris tentang global warming dari BIM, semoga bermanfaat bagi sobat BIM. apakah sobat BIM sudah membaca dongeng bahasa inggris roro jonggrang?

Semoga sobat BIM bisa belajar bahasa inggris dengan lebih mudah dengan contoh pidato bahasa inggris tentang global warming dari BIM tersebut.