Puisi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Cinta Sejati

Friday, March 27th, 2015 - Puisi

Puisi bahasa inggris tentang cinta sejati mampu mengungkapkan perasaan cinta yang dalam. Puisi bahasa inggris tentang cinta sejati dari bahasainggrismudah.com bisa menjadi salah satu pilihan sobat BIM saat ingin mengunkapkan cinta kepada seseorang.

Puisi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Cinta Sejati Banyak Dicari Orang

Puisi bahasa inggris tentang cinta sejati memang seringkali dicari orang. Itu karena puisi tersebut mampu mengungkapkan perasaan terdalam yang dimiliki seseorang. Mengungka[kan perasaan adalah satu hal yang menyenangkan namun kadang sulit di lakukan. Kadang terasa membingungkan dan menyesakan hati.

Karena itulah puisi bahasa inggris tentang cinta sejati seringkali menjadi pilihan saat ingin mengungkapkan perasaan kepada orang yang disayang.

Sobat BIM sedang ingin mengungkapkan perasaan cinta kepada seseorang? BIM memiliki beberapa puisi cinta bahasa inggris bertemakan cinta yang romantis ataupun sedih yang bisa menjadi inspirasi sobat BIM. ada juga kata kata bahasa inggris untuk pacar.

puisi bahasa inggris tentang cinta
Kumpulan Puisi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Cinta Sejati

My One, My Only, My Everything
By : D Lancaster

For so long, I wished for the day.
The day that our love would find its way.
From my heart and into your soul,
The feeling so strong, I had no control.

When then that day came, when I found you again,
I vowed never to make the same mistake.
I knew I would never let you go,
For my life is now complete in a way I cannot show.

For eternity I will spend making you believe,
You are the sole reason that I breathe.
My life is yours, my hopes and desires too.
Until my dying day, my heart is reserved just for you.

You are everything I could ever need and more,
More than I deserve or would dare wish for.
You are my baby, my angel, my dream girl
I’m thankful every day that you are my whole world.

For the time I spend with you, my heart truly sings
My one, My only, My EVERYTHING.

Forever Connected
By : Silke Wettergren

Every moment we spent together
Has touched our lives, our souls forever
The things that we shared and learned
Is permanent growth that we’ve earned.

The person that I have grown into today
Did not get there by chance, no way
I am who I am partly because of you
And you are YOU because of me, too

The changes I see
and what I have learned about me
are a response to how we affected our lives
and what we discover in each others eyes.

It is uncertain if we have to part or one day live together
Either way, we have touched our lives forever!
No matter what the future will show
No matter what we are told.

We are connected on such a deep levels
That no one can remove that, not even the devil.
Our feelings might be different a year from now
But you are part of me forever somehow

A part of me will always be you
and a part of you will always be me.
no matter what happens ,that much is certain
our souls are one until life closes the curtain.

I will love your forever
For worse or for better

You are tattooed in my heart
And nothing can tear our souls apart.

I will never forget you
For my love is honest and true.

puisi bahasa inggris romantis
Puisi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Cinta Sejati Yang Romantis

Love So Pure

By :Priya

its sweet like the nectar
of the garden flower,
its soothing like the buzzing
of a bumble bee,
its warm like the rays
of the morning sun,
its the search of a love so pure
which keeps me on the run.

its the pulse in my vein,
the thoughts in my brain,
in every breath that I take,
the smile my lips make,
its in the twinkle of my eye,
till the day I die.

its the dream in my sleep,
its springs freshest leaf;
a love so rare like this
will always be with me for keeps.

its the warmth of my blood,
as my feelings flood,
as says my heart’s beat,
its depth touches the ocean’s feet.

even if its heart searing pain,
with nothing to gain,
I will feel it as the tear on my cheek,
and without words my soul will speak.

a feeling so sincere,
a bond so strong,
I know my soul will never guide me wrong.

I will wait till my last sunset,
till my heart slows down with a dull ache,
till my eyes are wet,
till I meet my soul’s mate,
yes, I will wait.

Puisi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Cinta Sejati Yang Sedih


By :Nicole

When you love someone you will do anything for them
If the sound of your voice keeps them sane
Then you would talk forever.
If the touch of your skin on theirs kept them happy,
You would hold them as tight as possible forever
If it makes them happy for you to go away,
Then you would move to another country
Because you see,
When you love someone you would do anything for them to be happy
Even if it means you sacrifice your own happiness.

I Love The Way You Love Me
By :Jennifer Bennett

I love the way you look at me,
I love the way you kiss,
I love the way you have made my life fill with sudden bliss.
I love the way I always feel whenever your around,
I love the way I miss you when ever you leave town.
I love the way you make love to me and then roll over and fart,
I love the way you hold me so near and dear to your heart.
I love the way you argue,
I love the way you laugh,
I love the way you sit inside a bubble bath.
I love the way you love me and one other thing is true
I more than anything in this world love how I am so in love with you.

Somehow You’ve Won My Heart
By Angela

Somehow someway you’ve won my

You’ve gotten the lead role even though
you never auditioned for the part.

One glance into your eyes looses me confuses me
it leaves me mesmerized.

I want what I can not have which would explain why
I want you so bad

The sex appeal that flows through your voices deep tone
gives me shivers of delight and the feeling
to no longer be alone.

I look at you with a gaze filled with lust
for you are my one and only love.

As I Lay Here
By Sam Adams

As I lay here in bed, I think of you.
I think of how everyone else’s
relationships are falling apart at the
seams and here we are.
We’re still going strong.
You haven’t any clue what you mean to me.
Even though you think
you do, you will never know
quite the way my heart beats
when I see you or the way my
stomach gets butterflies
when you look into my eyes.
I love you so much baby and I’m glad
that it’s just you and I. You’re
the only one who has ever
meant this much to me.
You’re the only one that can.
I want us to be forever, and I know we
will make it through the good and
the bad, for I’ll love you
until the day I die.

Cinta adalah hal indah. cintailah juga alam. baca puisi bahasa inggris tentang alam.

Puisi bahasa inggris tentang cinta sejati di atas mengungkapkan kesedihan, keromantisan yang bisa membuat sobat BIM tahu apa itu arti cinta sejati.