Contoh Report Text Tentang Binatang Dan Serangga

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015 - Report text

Sobat akan bisa membaca kumpulan contoh report text tentang binatang dan serangga pada artikel ini. sudah menyiapkan banyak contoh report text tentang binatang untuk sobat. Ada yang tentang ular, lebah, kura-kura, dan lain-lain.

Membaca Contoh Report Text Tentang Binatang Dan Serangga

Dalam contoh report text dari BIM, sobat akan bisa menemukan berbagai informasi mengenai binatang yang menjadi subject dari bacaan. Report text memang jenis text bahasa inggris yang khusus berisikan informasi mengenai sesuatu secara umum.

Sobat juga harus membaca jenis teks bahasa inggris yang lain, coba sobat baca Kumpulan Puisi Dalam Bahasa Inggris Tentang Ibu.

Berikut, BIM menyaiapkan contoh report text tentang binatang untuk sobat BIM.

Contoh Report Text Tentang Binatang Dan Serangga

Contoh Report Text Tentang Binatang Anjing

Report Text About Dog

Report Text About Dog

The domestic dog has been one of the most popular working and companion animals throughout human history. Although experts often disagree, there is scientific evidence which shows that the domestication of dogs could have occurred more than 15,000 years ago. In total there is said to be around 400 million dogs in the world. Dogs perform many useful tasks for humans including hunting, farm work and security as well as assisting those with disabilities such as the blind.

There are hundreds of different breeds of dogs.Examples of these breeds include: Bulldog, German Shepherd, Collie, Golden Retriever, St Bernard, Greyhound, Bloodhound, Chihuahua, Labrador, Great Dane, Rottweiler, Boxer and Cocker Spaniel. The most popular breed of dog in the world by registered ownership is the Labrador. With their gentle nature, obedience, intelligence and near limitless energy, Labradors make for excellent family pets and reliable workers. They often assist police and are a common choice as guide dogs.

Dogs have formed such a strong bond as pets, workers and companions to humans that they have earned the nickname “man’s best friend”. Humans help train various dog breeds to enter in competitions such as breed shows, agility and obedience contests, racing and sled pulling.

Dog have superior hearing than humans, capable of hearing sounds at four times the distance. Dogs have a remarkable sense of smell, they are capable of differentiating odors in concentrations nearly 100 million times lower than humans can. The average life span for a dog is around 10 to 14 years. Those involved in dog breeding refer to males as ‘dogs’, females as ‘bitches’, dogs younger than a year old as ‘puppies’ and a group of offspring as a ‘litter’. Domestic dogs are omnivores, they feed on a variety of foods including grains, vegetables and meats.

Contoh Report Text Tentang Binatang Kupu-Kupu

Report Text About Butterfly

Report Text About Butterfly

Butterflies are insects. A butterfly’s lifecycle is made up of four parts, egg, larva (caterpillars), pupa (chrysalis) and adult. Butterflies attach their eggs to leaves with a special glue. Most caterpillars are plant eaters (herbivores). Fully grown caterpillars attach themselves to a suitable twig or leaf before shedding their outside layer of skin to reveal a hard skin underneath known as a chrysalis.

An adult butterfly will eventually emerge from the chrysalis where it will wait a few hours for its wings to fill with blood and dry, before flying for the first time. Butterflies can live in the adult stage from anywhere between a week and a year, depending on the species.

Butterflies have four wings. Butterflies often have brightly coloured wings with unique patterns made up of tiny scales. Most butterflies feed on nectar from flowers. Butterflies have taste receptors on their feet.

Scientists estimate that there are between 15000 and 20000 different species of butterfly. Birdwing butterflies have large, angular wings and fly in a similar way to birds. Monarch butterflies are known for their long migration. Every year monarch butterflies will travel a great distance (sometimes over 4000 km), females will lay eggs and a new generation of monarchs will travel back, completing the cycle.

Contoh Report Text Tentang Binatang Ular

Contoh Report Text Tentang Binatang Ular - Report text About Snake

Report Text About Snake

Snakes are carnivores. Snakes are found on every continent of the world except Antarctica. There are around 3000 different species of snake. Some sea snakes can breathe partially through their skin, allowing for longer dives underwater. Anacondas are large, non-venomous snakes found in South America that can reach over 5 m (16 ft) in length. Python reticulates can grow over 8.7 m (28 ft) in length and are considered the longest snakes in the world.

Snakes don’t have eyelids. Snakes smell with their tongue. Snakes have flexible jaws which allow them to eat prey bigger than their head! Snakes have internal ears but not external ones.

Snakes can’t bite food so have to swallow it whole. Snakes have a unique anatomy which allows them to swallow and digest large prey. Snakes are covered in scales. Snakeskin is smooth and dry. Snakes shed their skin a number of times a year in a process that usually lasts a few days. Some species of snake, such as cobras and black mambas, use venom to hunt and kill their prey. Pythons kill their prey by tightly wrapping around it and suffocating it in a process called constriction.

Contoh Report Text Tentang Binatang Kura-Kura

Report Text About Turtle

Report Text About Turtle

Turtles are reptiles. Turtles have existed for around 215 million years. Like other reptiles, turtles are cold blooded. The largest turtle is the leatherback sea turtle, it can weigh over 900 kg! (2000 lb)

Turtles have a hard shell that protects them like a shield, this upper shell is called a ‘carapace’. Turtles also have a lower shell called a ‘plastron’. Many turtle species (not all) can hide their heads inside their shells when attacked by predators. Sea turtles have special glands which help remove salt from the water they drink.

Turtles lay eggs. In some species of turtle the temperature determines if the egg will develop into a male or female, lower temperatures lead to a male while higher temperatures lead to a female. Some turtles lay eggs in the sand and leave them to hatch on their own. The young turtles make their way to the top of the sand and scramble to the water while trying to avoid predators.

Contoh Report Text Tentang Binatang Lebah

Report Text About Bee

Report Text About Bee

Bees fly from flower to flower, sipping nectar and collecting grains of pollen. Bees have a special tongue that sucks up the nectar and a crop in their throat for storing it until they get back to the hive, where it is turned into honey to use as food.

Many plants depend on bees to spread pollen, helping them to reproduce. Flowers that attract bees are usually yellow, blue, or purple. Many bees specialize in one plant species. In areas where different flowering plants bloom at the same time, this keeps different bee species from fighting over the same flower!

Honeybees and bumblebees live in colonies or hives. All the bees in the colony work together for the good of the hive. Each has a job to do: the queen lays the eggs and the workers build the honeycomb, care for the larvae and collect the food.

Contoh Report Text Tentang Binatang Semut

Report Text About Ant

Report Text About Ant

Ants are social insects and most live in colonies which can be extremely large consisting of millions of members. There are about 20,000 different species of ants and they can be found almost anywhere and in every biome.

There are three different kinds of ants. The queen is the first kind and she has one purpose – to mate. She spends her entire life laying eggs. The second kind of ant is the male who mates with the queen and they don’t live very long. The third kind of ant is the female worker and she cannot produce young but she is the one that builds the mounds and supplies the colony with food.

Most ants build some type of mound to live in. Many dig their mounds in the dirt or sand. Some use twigs to make them stronger. Some ants live in fallen logs or trees. Most ants build a system of tunnels under their mound which connect rooms, or chambers, they use for specific purposes. Some of the chambers are used to store food and some are used as nurseries. The rooms are used as resting places for the worker.

The ant’s body is made up of three part – the head, trunk and metasoma, or rear. Each ant has six legs that are attached to the trunk. An ant has eyes that allow them to see extremely well because of the many lenses.

An ant’s antennae are also very special. They allow the ant to hear, taste, touch and smell. Ants use their antennae to touch one another, which is the way they communicate.

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