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Sobat akan mendapatkan contoh review text film frozen yang terkenal itu dari kali ini. Dan bukan sembarang riview text, review text film frozen dari BIM ini ditulis dengan bahasa yang cukup mudah dimengerti dan baik. Jadi, bila sobat sedang mencari contoh report text film frozen, sobat bisa mencontoh report text dari BIM ini. Sobat bisa belajar bahasa inggris dari contoh review text ini.

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Dari beragam jenis text bahasa inggris, review text memang cukup menarik. Apalagi bila review text tersebut adalah tentang film yang sobat sukai. Film frozen yang menceritakan kasih saying antara dua kakak adik perempuan memang memberi pesan positif bagi semua orang yang melihatnya. Karenanya dengan membuat atau memperlajari review text tentang film ini akan memberi sobat kesempatan untuk belajar bahasa inggris sekaligus membahas tentang film frozen. Belajar bahasa inggris dengan review text tentang film sangat menyenangkan. Sobat bisa juga belajar dengan membaca Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris.

Review Text Film Frozen Terbaik Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Review Text Film Frozen Dalam Bahasa Inggris


 This was such a good movie. Parents should know that it is a great family movie and pretty much anyone can watch it. There’s a reason everyone talks about it: it was great! I loved the theme of the two sisters learning about bonding and love. Anna is adorable in her awkwardness, and Elsa’s character is interesting with her sort-of-tragic story. Elsa and Anna’s parents die in the beginning of the story. Elsa accidentally hurts Anna with her powers twice–once when they’re kids and another time when they’re adults. Also, Elsa creates dangerous obstacles with her powers, such as a giant ice man.

It is funny and adventure-filled. It has a positive message, and unlike any other Disney princess movie, the act of true love isn’t the true love’s first kiss, but the love between Anna and Elsa, who are sisters. Anna is a positive role model when she sacrifices herself for Elsa, as is Elsa when she unfreezes Anna because of her love for Anna. The songs are really catchy, and Olaf makes this movie funny as well! The story is wonderful and creative, and I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone 7 and above.

Characters consist of Elsa, who has an icy power she can’t control and has to shoulder the responsibility of the kingdom after her parents have died, as well as trying to keep her power in, and is suffering under the weight of not being able to tell her sister why they keep the doors closed and why she can’t be around her anymore. Her younger sister Anna, on the other hand, is suffering in a different way because her older sister who used to play with her suddenly has shut her out and ‘grown up’. Anna is sprightly and vivacious, not hesitating to try to find Elsa and apologize when she realized that it wasn’t Elsa’s fault. Both girls are good role models for responsibility and a love that proves the central key to the unfreezing of winter, rather than romance. Younger sisters can sympathize with Anna’s wondering what happened to their lifelong playmate when their older sister grows up, and older siblings can sympathize with Elsa’s want to be with her little sister but inability to due to the harder tasks that come with getting older. Hans is a handsome, charming, kind and absolutely perfect (is a bit ditzy) prince who falls in love with Anna, takes care of the kingdom during her absence, stops Elsa from killing two men and saves Elsa’s life. Hans would be a wonderful role model is it wasn’t for the fact that he quite suddenly turns evil. If one complaint about hte movie could be made it would be that Disney seems to have turned him bad for the sake of a plot twist, and it wasn’t really necessary, because the underlying themes were enough to fill the story line and the Duke of Weasletown could have sufficed as a villain. We all had grown to love Hans and it was disappointing when he turned evil. Kristoff, on the other hand, is grumbling and growly and definitely not a prince but certainly the only one who could be right for Anna. He is brave and completely self sacrificing for Anna’s sake. Olaf is a cheerful snowman who provides a bit of comic relief as well as good advice: “True love is putting someone else’s needs before your own.” Disney played up to this truth magnificently when Kristoff doesn’t spare his own feelings to immediately get Anna back to Hans and Anna sacrifices herself to save her sister’s life. The film outdoes itself in wholesome characters and role models as well as fabulous songs and beautiful animation. Frozen is a Disney movie that undermines it’s traditional “love at first sight” and plays up to the love of family rather than that of a prince and princess.

Parents need to know that Frozen is a Disney animated musical that’s likely to appeal to families with children of all ages. As in many Disney movies, the parents die, here leaving orphaned princesses who must find a way to survive. There are a few other violent scenes that involve men with weapons, snarling wolves, a scary snow monster, a severe storm, and a character who nearly freezes to death. A character falls in love — twice — and ends up sharing two kisses at the end of the story. Messages include unconditional love between sisters after a long estrangement, being true to yourself, recognizing your gifts, and not being afraid of your power.

Review Text Film Frozen Terbaik Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Review Text Film Frozen Terbaru Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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