Text Descriptive Bahasa Inggris Tentang Sekolahku

Sunday, April 16th, 2017 - Descriptive Text

Dalam text descriptive bahasa inggris terdapat beberapa komponen bahasa inggris yang bisa sobat semua pelajari. hal terpenting saat membaca text descriptive adalah penggunaan present tenses. Sobat perlu memperhatikan bagaimana pola-pola kalimat bahasa inggris dalam bentuk present tenses yang ada pada text descriptive dari bahasainggrismudah.com di bawah.

Text Descriptive Bahasa Inggris

  1. Text Descriptive Bahasa Inggris Sekolahku Keren

Hi, I’m 8 years old and my name is Luna. At my school, the worst thing is that I can’t go to the toilet when I need to go (eg. we can’t go in the middle of important lessons). Also I hate the food that the School serves. The coolest thing about school is lunch break, because I can play with my friends. I also like Maths, Art, Sport and English.

  1. Text Descriptive Bahasa Inggris Sekolahku Bagus

Hi! My school is a great one. Though the teachers are a bit troublesome at times, I still like my friends. My school has cultural events and contests too. I like my school for a another reason. We can surely have a fun time looking at the monkey family at the yard, if you find the lessons boring.

Text Descriptive Bahasa Inggris Sekolahku Besar

  1. Text Descriptive Bahasa Inggris Sekolahku Besar

Hello my name is Putri. I am 10 years old.. My school is in Jakarta. I like school because we learn many interesting things. But I feel stressed about the exams. My school building is very big. It is primary and middle school. Our sports area is 2 ballpark long. I love my class, lessons and school.

  1. Text Descriptive Bahasa Inggris Sekolahku Terbaik

Our school is cool! It’s not very big but it is modern. Outdoors, there is a pitch and a playground. Indoors there are classrooms, staffroom, a canteen, a library, a small gym, a school’s office, ICT room, art and craft room. We study History, Maths, Polish, English, ICT, Nature Studies, RE, PE, Literacy. We usually have packed lunch at 10 o’clock. During long break we have school lunch. Our lessons finish at 1 pm. We like our school very much.

  1. Text Descriptive Bahasa Inggris

Hello! my name is Alyssa. I am from bandung. I am 10 years old. I love my school very much. There are the things we learn at school, such as; Litereture, Maths, Science, Geography, and History

From class 4 we get to choose activities. We have a list of clubs, activities to choose from like; dance, martial arts, and languages clubs which are french and German

Last year I chose Science and Math club this year I chose French.

We have 5 buildings a library in 3 of the building a big field a sand park and 1 of the building have a lunch room.We get lunch from the school.We get to choose our own sports too from class 4.

  1. Text Descriptive Bahasa Inggris

My school is 30 minutes on foot so I sometimes get the bus. I’m never late. The bell rings at half past eight and at half past four in the afternoon. At class we Study English, Italian, Maths, Geography, History, Science, P.E., music, art and etc. Lessons start at 8. My favourite subject is French. We learn about verbs and numbers. I also study Maths. The numbers are so difficult.

Lunch is at 1 o’clock in the school canteen. We have a big garden where we can play.

We have many breaks. School finishes at 2 o’clock. After school I go back home, eat my lunch and do my homework.

  1. Text Descriptive Bahasa Inggris

My school is near the city hall. It’s huge, 3 floors and basement. It has big playground. Almost every clas has about 32 kids, so the classrooms are big. The library is also big. In desks we sit by two kids. The good thing is that the teachers are very kind, good. The worst thing is that the school doesn’t has good equipment about Technology and Physical. But students and teacher are so good. I think this is the best school in the whole world.

  1. Text Descriptive Bahasa Inggris

The best thing about my school is our teachers are so kind,In our school we have 80 classrooms ,Our school has two libraries and we have three labs we have five computer rooms,we have many compeitions in our school like speach, we have naat khawani,quriat,natinol songs,and sports.

I like  my school very much.it has a beautiful building surrounding with beautiful trees and flowers which i like the most about our school. nothing is worst about my school.

Text Descriptive Bahasa Inggris Tentang Sekolah

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